IELTS, Education Credential Assessment and MyCIC Profile

IELTS Education Credential Assessment and MyCIC Profile

In my previous post, I talked about the usual process in immigrating to Canada and ITA. To be able to create a MyCIC profile, you need two important documents; your IELTS general training result (Test Report Form Number) and an ECA Number. You should also be listing down your start and end dates for each company that you have worked for. If you can, secure a Certificate of Employment (CoE) from each.

In the Philippines, there are two organizations that conduct IELTS general training exam, IDP and the British Council. We (My wife and I) took our tests from IDP because it’s cheaper by a few hundreds. You may opt to go to a review center, which will cost you a lot. Of course you can always review on your own. I recommend the Cambridge IELTS series (7 to 10). IELTS is really not that hard, you just need to practice, practice and practice. I did not go to a review center because I’m a “cheap person” and since I’m not that good in English, I studied for 2 months (bugging my wife and friends from time to time to interview me as a practice for the speaking exam). IELTS is expensive and it will be a waste to take it more than once (so retaking is not an optiton), and yes, you can retake it if you are not satisfied with your score. Note though that if you will be retaking IELTS, you will be retaking all the disciplines (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) which may or may not preserve your previous score if it’s already good. Results are usually out in 13 days.

Education Credential Assessment (ECA) verifies that your education outside Canada is valid and at par with the education in Canada. There are a couple of designated organizations that can do this for you. The most popular are WES and CES.

We chose WES since their processing timeline is much faster than CES. Requirements are English diploma and transcript of records. If you are from the University of the Philippines, which issues diploma in Filipino by default, you need to have it translated to English. UP can do it for Php50 per copy. TOR from UP is English by default, so you’re good.

After securing your English diploma and TOR, you can now create a profile in WES. Pay the fee, then print the form that will be signed by the university registrar, you will then bring this to the registrar for signing. Note that you will be the one to send the diploma, while the university is the one to send the transcript of records together with the form from WES.

UP can give you options, whether they will be the one to send the sealed envelope containing the form and TOR, or you. We chose the latter and we ensured that the sender is the registrar by putting in the UP registrar’s office’s address. We used DHL to send it to Canada and the results are out (online) after two weeks. I received the hard copy after 1 month since the online result has been posted.

Now you have the two critical requirements to create an online profile. You can now determine your eligibility by going to this site. After this process, you will receive an email with your Personal Reference Code. This will be used to speedup the creation of your application in MyCIC.

To create a MyCIC profile, go to MyCIC website and register for a GC Key. You will be needing this to log-in to your MyCIC profile. Once you are able to access your MyCIC you can now create your application. Under “Apply for” section, click Visitor visa, study and/or work permit button. You can also determine your eligibility here, but since you already have your personal reference code, you can enter it into the field provided. Once you have entered the code, most of the forms will now be populated. Complete the forms. After completion, if you are eligible, you will receive an email regarding instructions in creating a job bank profile and linking it to your MyCIC profile. After the linking, the system will determine your points based on your age, work experience, language availability and education. You’re all set, all you have to do now is to wait for your profile to be drawn. You can check current round and previous rounds  to check the cutoff for each draws.

For more information, you can check this forum. So far this is the best forum where you can get almost real-time conversations about the express entry.

We created our profile and applied last January 28 with 451 points. For the pass two draws, we felt that we need to increase our points so I asked my wife to also take the IELTS. With her result, we got 471 points and on the 6th draw last March 27 (March 28 our time), we got our ITA.

I will be detailing the next processes post ITA in the next entry. Stay tuned.



  • Avatar Reply Maryan |

    Do you recommend taking IELTS exam first before working on educational credential assessment?
    Also is my understanding correct – you sent the diploma and TOR in only one go?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      If you are really decided and your CRS score according to the mock crs calculator is greater than 451, then I recommend that you get your education credential assessment first. Due to high volume of applications, WES ( the assessing body) is returning assessements longer than usual, according to the forum that I usually read, they are now taking more than a month to assess the education. While waiting for the assessment you can either review for IELTS or if you’re ready, take it. Schedule and results (plus you’re review time) might take 1 to two months depending on your english level of course.

      Yes I sent the diploma and TOR in one go, but using different sender adress (TOR from the registrar and diploma from me) and on separate packages. This also depends if your university will allow you to send it.

      Let me know if you have further questions. 🙂

  • Avatar Reply mary ann antonio |

    My profile has just been created in CIC, and sadly our points did not even reach 400. My IELTS is in CLB 7 for all abilities and getting CLB 9 or higher is still not enough to get 450.
    I am curious, how did you manage to get 451 points? I have a Bachelor’s degree with 6++ years of work experience but still received a score lower than 450. I am now having doubts now on pursuing our application.

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Mary Ann,

      Sorry for the late reply. I did not get the notification.

      Anyway, to answer your question. I have a Master’s degree which added points to my education and my age during the time of our application is the bracket that has the highest possible points. I also did fairly well in IELTS so I got the maximum points less three points (due to CBL conversion of my IELTS reading score) in the first language category. With that, we were able to pass the 450 limit. I also asked my wife to take the IELTS (we got the max 20 points for this) and also have her ECA documents ready if ever we still fall short of the required points.

      Don’t lose hope. You can either try provincial nomination or try applying for jobs here to improve your points. God bless you on your journey.

  • Avatar Reply levy |

    Hi Sir Kulas,

    What if you have Master’s Degree? Is it required to send the TOR and diploma for MS and Bachelor’s? How about H.S. records? If these are needed it will be sent thru different dates and carriers cause the schools will be sending the TORs, is it ok?


    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Levy,

      If you took your undergrad and master’s from different schools, the school from where you took you master’s should have your undergrad’s TOR. At least in UP that’s how they do it, so what happened is I took my undergrad in UPLB and my Master’s in UPD. I only went to UPD and asked them to mail in both my masters and undergrad TOR to WES. Hope this helps.


  • Avatar Reply Faye |


    For WES, should I get my TOR and English diploma for my bachelor’s degree? and not for my masters degree? The thing is, I am still yet to finish my masters on April and I want to start the application process already. Thank you.

  • Avatar Reply Mc |

    Hi Kulas!
    Is diploma included in the basic requirement of ECA? Or just the TOR?
    WES only required tor in their form. were you specifically asked to submit your diploma as well or was it a supplementary document to your tor?
    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  • Avatar Reply levy |

    Hi Kulas,

    I recently graduated from UP(MS degree). Do I need to send the TOR from my BS degree?
    and also the UP diploma will take a while to release, maybe 6 months to 1 year according to the officials. Do WES really require the diploma? or I can send COG in lieu of it?


    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hey Levy,

      Congratulations in getting gour MS. It is a great achievement. You need to send both and UP should have a copy so they can provide it to you as well. I believe WES needs the diploma. You can confirm it from them though.

      Good luck Levy.


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