Our Migration Timeline and the E-Client Application Status

Our Migration Timeline and the E Client Application Status

I would like to share our timeline. Hope this helps:

December 2014
December 15 – Applied and submitted requirements Education Credential Assessment (ECA)
December 30 – Result Available Online ECA

January 2015
January 10 – IELTS Exam (Primary applicant)
January 23 – IELTS Result
January 23 – Created MyCIC profile with 451 points

February 2015
February 28 –IELTS Exam (Spouse)

March 2015
March 13 – IELTS Result (Spouse)
March 13 – Updated MyCIC profile adding spouse IELTS result, 471 points
March 28 – Invitation to Apply (ITA)

April 2015
April 17 – Medical
April 24 – Submitted Requirements (online)
April 24 – Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) from CIC
April 25 – Medical Review in Progress

June 2015
June 12 – Medical Passed
June 19 – Re-test of blood for medical (primary applicant)

July 2015
July 9 – Right to Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) payment request
July 9 – CIC Requested for my updated address in Singapore
July 17 – Initial Passport Request (PPR) from Ottawa
July 17 – Request to change Visa Office (VO)
July 18 – PPR from Manila and Singapore visa office

August 2015
August 7 – Submitted Passport through VFS Manila (wife and daughter)
August 11 – Submitted Passport through VFS Singapore (Primary applicant)
August 21 – Wife and daughter got their passport with visa
August 31 – I got my passport with visa

April 2016
April 17 – Landed in Canada

Once you have submitted your application (after ITA) you can check your application status either through MyCIC and E-Client Application Status (ECAS) through this site. Note that you can only access this once you have your application number (available only after you have created your MyCIC profile) and will only be activated if you already have an ITA and have submitted your requirements (assumption based on what I’ve read in the forums).

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section, I’ll try my best to answer your inquiries.

Till next post!



  • Reply Namrata |

    Hi, this blog was really helpful for me. I also recently got an invitation to apply, and now I am preparing my docs. I have some queries, which I hope you will answer them as per your experience with e-APR.

    1. Does the scan should be in b/w or color?
    2. Does the scan copies should be notarized?
    3. Do we need all the pages of passport or just a page which shows our name, address, photo etc?

    Could you provide me your personal email address please?

    Many thanks

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi. It’s great that I was able to help you through this blog.

      1. I suggest you scan your documents with color

      2. Scanned copies do not need to be notarized. Be sure to scan the original documents though.

      3. You need to scan all pages of the passport especially the bio page as well as the pages with visa/stamps.

      Kindly share your email and I’ll try to email you as soon as I can.

      Good luck on your application.

  • Reply Namrata |

    Sorry to bother you again. Thanks for your information till now.
    I am somehow confused about the proof of fund.

    Is it necessary to submit bank statements of 6 months or just a bank balance certificate which mentions the current balance?

    As per the website, we have to show

    The applicant should provide official letter(s) from financial institution(s) that list all current bank and investment accounts as well as outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans.
    ->Our bank does this.

    The letter(s) must be printed on the letterhead of the financial institution and must include the applicant’s name, the contact information of the financial institution (address, telephone number and email address), the account numbers, the date each account was opened and the current balance of each account as well as the average balance in the past six months.

    ->In this case, is it necessary to show the average balance of the past six months in the bank balance certificate? Our banks only shows the current balance. Does it matter? could you please share your experience in this matter?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Namrata. Thank you for using my blog as a guide. Think of the required documents this way; first, follow their minimum requirements, secondly and if possible, supplement it with details through additional documents.

      As per my experience with our proof of funds document; what I did was to acquire a bank certificate stating my average balance for the past six months. Ideally, you should have an existing account older than 1 year to show that you are really saving money in that account and you did not create an account just for the reason of pooling money for proof of funds alone. Aside from the bank certificate, I also sent a copy of my statement of account (detailed transactions) for each bank account that I have for the past six months. This is to show that I have the money even before I got an ITA and to avoid the visa officer from thinking that I just borrowed the money. If you have enough money for POF at least 6 months before your ITA, then you’ll have no problem with the bank certificate that will be provided by your bank. If for instance, you have money outside the bank such as stocks and mutual funds, use proof of investments as supplementary document to show that you have more than enough money to make the move to Canada. Note though that investments are not classified as proof of funds unless they are already liquid or in cash/savings form so this option is only suggested if you have satisfied the minimum requirements for proof of funds.

      I hope I was able to help you with my answer. Let me know if you have questions.

  • Reply Crystal |

    Isang malaking saludo sa iyo!

    I’m an OFW here in MY and I’m in the very beginning of my journey. ECA’s applied to WES and IELTS on November (wish me luck). I am very happy for you and your family 🙂

    Thank you for writing about your journey, very helpful!

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Thank you Crystal! Do let me know how I can help you. I know what it feels like to have no guide/resources tailor made for Filipinos thus the reason for these posts.

      For IELTS , I can’t stress it enough; practice, practice, practice. You have to think in English, for you to speak, listen, read and write English (I’m still not that good, but this mind set helped me a lot). I wish you success and God bless you.

  • Reply Darick |

    First of all, congratulations!

    I’m currently waiting for my passport request. I paid my RPRF request last October 7.

    I’ve noticed that your timeline from RPRF to PPR is quite fast! Are you a CEC or outlander?

    It’s been 2 weeks since I paid my RPRF. I don’t know what’s the average timeline up to the PPR…

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Darick. Thank you and I want to congratulate you in advance.

      I applied from outside Canada. As per my experience, if you received the request to pay the RPRF, you are sure to get the PPR. RPRF to PPR may take from one week to months ( they target to give a decision on your application in six months) so expect it to be within 6 months since you have submitted your documents.

      You’re almost there. One tip, whenever you do follow ups or emails, make sure you send it during their day time. They tend to reply faster and process your request faster this way.

  • Reply Faye Tioco (@Feiyh_) |

    Good day!

    Thank you for sharing an informative blog on how you started the whole Canadian immigration process. Me and my husband also wanted to immigrate as soon as possible for our sons future. Do you think there’s a need to pay for an immigration consultant or we can do the process on our own? My husband, being the principal applicant, already got the result from WES as well as his IELTS result. I’m planning to take IELTS to add up to our score. May I ask what was the score of your wife? We completed the express entry profile but we received a message saying that we are not eligible. How did you know your score in express entry? Please help us by answering my queries.

    Thank you very much.

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Faye,

      I strongly suggest that you do not hire an immigration consultant especially if you have the time to research. They can’t guarantee that you’ll have your visa, what they can guarantee though is that you have complete requirements, which by the way should still be secured by you. Evrything is in the internet, blogs, forums and even the CIC website contains all useful information so you can do the process by yourself.

      My wife’s score R-8,L-8,W-7.5,S-7. Her overall is 8. Which translates to the maximum additional 20 points.

      There are CRS calculators available so you can get your score even without creating a profile. If you think you meet the minimum requirements, and yet you get that message, it might be a glitch in the system. When asked if you have taken a language test in the 2nd language, just reselect ielts instead of none/no. At least this is what fixed the problem for my friend.

      Do let me know if you have further questions. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

  • Reply Jeko |


    Got my ITA yesterday, my CRS was 435 FSW but I got an Ontario nomination which added 600 to my score.

    I couldn’t find a link to any checklist to check my requirements, what I do know is I’ll need a medical report and police clearances. I’m originally from the Philippines, but currently working in Saudi Arabia. I got a police clearance from Saudi last April, and an NBI clearance from the Philippines way earlier. Do you think I’ll need to request for new ones?

    Also there is no need to pay for the RPRF as early as now, correct?

    And I submitted a bank certificate dated June this year for my Ontario PNP application. I was planning to use it since it is not easy to request one from my Philippine bank here in Saudi Arabia.

    And about the medical, do I need to show any form to the accredited hospital and physician first prior to coming?

    Sorry for the many questions, if you do have time to answer, it’s much appreciated.

    Oh and my passport expires November next year. My passport renewal is already on progress here in the Philippine embassy in Riyadh, will there be a problem if I submit my current passport details?

    Thanks again. I wish you all the best!


    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Jeko,

      Sorry for the late reply. I missed this comment. Hope my insights will still be of use.

      See my answers below:

      Do you think I’ll need to request for new ones? -> If you’re police clearance is more than 6 months old upon submission of documents, then you have to request a new one.

      Also there is no need to pay for the RPRF as early as now, correct? -> Yes, there is no need to pay it now but if you have the money, then I suggest you pay it so you don’t have to wait for them to validate your payment before giving their decision or your PPR.

      For the bank certificate -> Yes you can use that by all means. Just ensure that the value isn’t lower than what is currently stated and better if it’s higher.

      For the medical, you just proceed to the accredited clinic tell them that you’re an express entry applicant (upfront medical). They should know how to handle that from there on. Please ensure that you bring type written medical certificates if ever you have ailments etc.

      There shouldn’t be a problem with your passport as long as you inform them. Better yet, if time permits, wait until your passport has been renewed.

      I hope I was able to answer your questions. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Reply Faye Tioco (@Feiyh_) |

    Hi K.A.,,

    You stated on your last reply that I have to reselect ielts for the 2nd language, so I have to rewrite again the same scores that my hubby got and written on the 1st language.Is that so? I’m a bit confused with the “Canadian work experience” part, my husband used to work in a telco industry here in the philippines for 5 years.Would that be also an equivalent of Canadian work experience? I really appreciate if you reply to my queries.

    Thank you so much.

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Faye,

      Yes. Express Entry System is new, so it is expected to have many glitches. Canadian Work Experience pertains to work experience inside Canada.

      I suggest, you to target 450 points and above to ensure that you’ll be given Invitation to Apply (ITA).

      Good luck and God bless you and your family on your application.

  • Reply Will |


    I just want to ask if the entire bank account of my accompanying spouse enough for us to prove that we can support ourselves? I suddenly became the principal applicant as I was nominated earlier than my spouse. But all the funds we’re saving is under my spouse’s account. We are applying under one application. Thanks

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Will,

      If your wife’s account has enough funds to meet the required proof of funds, then I think it’s ok. Note though that you need to prove that she is indeed your spouse (ie marriage cerificate, proof of common law marriage). To be safe also, if you have at least any amount in the bank and have the certificate to go with it, then by all means use that also. The key points here are:
      1. Either you and your wife or both have enough money in the bank for proof of funds
      2. You have the correct bank certificates
      3. You can show proof of you’re relationship

      If you satisfy the points above then I think you’re good.

      Good luck on your application. Let me know of you have further questions.

  • Reply Las K |

    Thanks for sharing.
    I have submitted all my docs and received AOR last week.
    My medical was also updated to “passed”.
    I was just wondering, since you already passed your medical on June 12, why would they ask for another test on June 19? I’m concerned as to whether I might have to re-take it here as it was such a hassle.

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Las K,

      I also asked them the same question. As per the clinic, this is so that they can resend the new result to CIC if ever CIC will request it. If your results passed, then I think you’re good.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  • Reply Michelle |

    Hi KA

    I just received ITA, Dec 4, 464. I got engaged last month and I am planning to get married Easter. Hopefully my application should be done. I plan to move to Canada in the summer with my spouse. Will I need to sponsor him seperately when the time comes or should we just have a civil wedding and submit our documents so we can both receive our PR together. He has a PhD from the Uk, but doesn’t have WES or IELTS.

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Michelle,

      First of all, congratulations on getting your ITA.

      I don’t have any experience with sponsorship but what I do know is that it won’t be that fast to process. When you say Easter, is it this March 2016? And you are planning to go to Canada this June (summer in Canada starts in June) ? Note that it takes CIC at most 6 months after you have submitted your documents to come up with a decision. If you want to include him in the application, you must decline the ITA get married then re-apply again this time with your spouse’s details. Note that the issued ITA was when you are single and your points may change when you’re applying with spouse/dependents. You can read further here http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/invitations.asp under Changes in Your Situation section.

      Alternatively, you can wait for your application decision, get married then sponsor him. This is the longer route though.

      I hope you and your future husband success and congratulations in advance for your wedding. God bless you.

  • Reply Vanessa |


    Were you working in Singapore when you submitted your PR application? I just noticed that you didn’t get SG police clearance. CIC didn’t require you to submit?



    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Vanessa,

      I submitted my application while I was in the Philippines (Before going to SG). As per CIC, you only need to pass a Police Clearance for all countries that you’ve stayed in for more than 6 months before your application.

      Let me know of you have further questions.

      God bless.

  • Reply ghensa |

    Good day! Im agnes. I work in Jeddah for 4 years and decided to go exit.. And now I’m planning to apply in canada. My problem is I forget to get a police clearance. Is it a big problem? Can i pursue my application even without it. Hope you can give some advise. Thank you.

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Agnes,

      Good day. Unfortunately you need to have police certificates for all countries you’ve stayed in for more than 6 months. There might be other ways to secure it aside from physically applying it yourself. Good luck to you.

      God bless.

  • Reply Thomas Shajan |

    Hi Kulas,
    Your blog gives a pretty fair idea about the functioning of EE, even though the new system has got so many glitches which we haven’t understood yet. I would like to know a couple of things from you as you are a candidate who already received the visa.
    1) Why is that in the CIC website, they are still showing the application processing duration under old system?! They are again saying that, they try to process majority of applications in less than 6 months. I tried all the possible ways to know the approximate processing time for applications under the new system of Express Entry. But, failed in finding an answer until recently, one of my relatives received her visa in 2016, in a matter of 4 months after the medical report. So, don’t you think it should be taking only less time this year for completing the process?!
    2) I have 468 points (single applicant). submitted my applications on Jan 26th. Received medical passed update on Mar 2nd. I would like to know, from your experience, how long will it take to complete my application processing. I have applied from India, social work professional. As I see, other than you taking some time to migrate to Canada, your application was processed in a pretty quick time.
    Awaiting your response.
    Thank you.
    Thomas Shajan

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for reading through my blog. To answer your questions:

      1. The amount of time they process applications vary and are on a case by case basis. What they try to do though is to keep their promise of processing it once you get an AOR. If it’s less than 6 months, it’s better if it’s more than, it is still ok. Remember we as immigrants (or would be immigrants) are applying to be in this country, and they are not forcing us to do so, they actually don’t owe us anything except for our patience. 🙂 It used to be 2-5 years previously. 1 year is still good enough if you’ll ask me.

      2. Again, it’s on a case by case basis. If they have no problem with your documents and your medical it should be fairly quick.

      I hope everything goes well for your application. You already have an ITA, I know waiting is tough but it’s worth it. God bless.

  • Reply Thomas Shajan |

    Thanks man for the reply.

    Hope to meet you soon in Canada.


  • Reply Mitchiko |

    Hello Kulas,

    Very nice blog and informative! This post is very specific on the timeline. I do have one question, how many months did they gave you after you received the PR visa stamped on your passport before you need to land in Canada?

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Mitchiko,

      Thank you for the kind words. They gave us a year after our medical exam date.


    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Mitchiko,

      Thanks! They will usually give you 1 year to land after your medical exam date. Hope this info helps.

      Good luck and God bless.


      • Reply Mitchiko |

        Hi Kulas,

        Thanks for replying! Btw we got out ITA today and are in the midst of completing the forms. I read in your blog post here http://kulasangeles.com/apply-for-a-non-immigrant-us-visa-from-toronto/ that you were denied for a US visa before. I was also denied when I applied in Singapore back in 2016 and now for the form there is a field that asks if “you were ever denied of a visa”. How were you able to explain it in the box? For my case I had a pending immigrant visa that my mom has applied for me. Thank you in advance 🙂


        • Kulas Reply Kulas |

          Hi Mitchiko,

          Congratulations on getting your ITA. I’m not sure what the box is, but I’ll assume it is a form with description field. If it doesn’t have, then you can’t really explain but knowing how online form works, if you said yes to the denied a visa and they need further data, a text area should show up. If it doesn’t then you have no choice. If you are also asking how I explained it, I might be adding the exact date or year and the reason why you were denied.

          Hope I was able to answer the question.


          • Mitchiko |

            Hi Kulas,

            Thank you for your quick reply. I can’t thank you enough for being so helpful and for asking all my questions. Apologies for not explaining thoroughly my previous question. Yes, you are correct there was filed in the question “if you were ever denied a visa” that is answerable by “yes/no” and since I was denied back in 2016 in Singapore I chose “yes” and a description box with free text appears wherein you have to explain the details. If you don’t mind, can I ask if CIC requested for any proof of the denied visa? As I already threw the paper i received after the rejection. And the reason were very generic (e.g not enough family ties in country of residence), so I am not sure what should I write there. Appreciate your help as always 🙂


          • Mitchiko |

            Hi Kulas,

            Sorry, I have one more question about the NBI clearance. I currently live in Japan and had my fingerprints done here and sent to the Philippines. I had my brother as the representative to collect it on behalf of myself. I just received the cert, however there is no thumbprint fixated and I can’t see the dry seal. In the CIC website, they mentioned that it is a MUST. In your case, did you had to present an NBI clearance? and did it had the thumbprint and dry seal? Thank you again!

          • Kulas Kulas |

            Hi Mitchiko,

            You are very much welcome. For your first question regarding the visa, just say yes and tell them the reason even though it is general. They don’t need the rejection letter I believe.

            For the NBI clearance, as long as your document is a legitimate document that came from NBI, you can use it. During our application, we just scanned and uploaded it. Our clearance has a thumbmark but I can’t see the dry seal as well. CIC did not look for it.

            Hope you get this sorted out.


          • Mitchiko |

            Hi Kulas,

            Thank you so much for your reply! Hopefully I can get all the documents al sorted out 🙂

          • Kulas Kulas |

            Hi Mitchiko,

            Happy to help. God bless and good luck.


  • Reply Vanessa |

    Hi Kulas,

    Thanks for sharing with us your experience. They are absolutely helpful for me as a reference.

    I have a question regarding your email to obtain further instructions when you received the email requesting passports and photos submission.

    As I have sent several emails to them already and haven’t got an reply yet, may I know what did you put on the subject line and the content?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Vanessa,

      I replied to the same email I got from them. So the subject will be the same. I did it because all pertinent details are there.

      Hope you get your reply soon. God bless.


      • Reply Vanessa |

        Hi Kylas,

        A huge thank you for your reply. I tried resenting my email yesterday with the same email subject and I got my instructions back today. It works like a miracle!

        Thank you!

  • Reply Arpita |


    We just got the request to pay for RPRF on the 20th of July and made the payment on the very next day.so my question is does this RPRF indicate that my application has been approved?and if yes after this how long can it take for us to get the PPR!!

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Arpita,

      You can take it as an indication but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are already approved. Note, you can pay this in advance during submission of requirements.

      Regarding PPR, we’ll never know how long it will take. As long as they stay true to their commitment to process applications within 6 months, then you can expect it to be completed in 6 months.

      Hoping for your success.


      • Reply Arpita |

        Hi kulas

        Thank you so much for your prompt response….let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!!
        Kind regards

  • Reply Mitchiko |

    Hi Kulas,

    Hope you are having a great week! Sorry if I ask too many questions but hopefully you can answer one more. I’ve mentioned previously that I was denied a US tourist visa and selected “yes” to one of the statutory questions on the PR forms. I just want to ask if IRCC asked you to fill in the FORM A after you’ve submitted all your documents after AOR? Thanks in advance again 🙂

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Mitchiko,

      I don’t remember submitting any document after AOR. I saw some questions in the forums regarding this though, you can check canadavisa.com.


      • Reply Mitchiko |

        Hi Kulas,

        I see! Great! I actually do check canadavisa forums and saw some people we asked for it. Anyway thank you again and have a great week 🙂

  • Reply Levy |

    Hi Sir,

    May I ask If I need to send both my MS and BS degree to WES for ECA? or the MS degree only?
    If both, will I pay twice the fee?


  • Reply Deepti |

    Hi Kulas…just came across your blog..very much informative and helpful information by you.
    Can you please resolve one of my query also.
    I am the primary applicant and in the process of submitting eAPR by tomorrow.I have a credit card and i have cleared all the EMIs and outstandings on that card.With the same bank,me and my spouse hold a joint account which we are using as POF.
    So,do i need to mention anything about my credit card ?any no dues certificate ,any statements?
    My bank balance certificate did not mention about my credit card but says that i have no loans and liabilities pending with the bank.

    And one more thing,can i use this credit card for my payment of fees of APR?because that amount will be outstanding then.

    Please advise.
    Good day!!

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hi Deepti,

      As long as your bank balance doesn’t behave eratically within your application, that will be fine and yes, you are still allowed to use your credit card as long as you pay it.

      Good luck with your journey.


  • Reply Han |

    Hi Kulas
    Thanks for all the help u r providing.
    My Wife is 4 months pregnant and my PR application is under process, should I update the pregnancy status to IRCC?

  • Reply Han |

    I had shifted to a new address after submitting the PR application and I want to update my address to IRCC how should I do it? Can I wait and update my address after receiving my PPR?

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |


      Not so sure about this, but I think, it should be possible to do it in your profile in MyCIC. Update it asap as your PPR will use that address.


  • Reply raymond |

    Good Day Mr. Kulas,

    Your blogs was very helpful. Mr. Kulas may I ask you about your timeline. Why it took you 8months (June 2016) to land in Canada though you already have your Visa August of 2015? I’m a newbie here. really don’t know anything about processing papers to Canada. Also do I need to make an account at cic.gc.ca? should I use gckey?

    Thank you so much and God Bless Mr. Kulas

    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hey Raymond,

      Yoy again. 🙂 You are welcome. We decided to take our time and make more money before going to Canada thus the 8 month wait.

      Yes, you need a mycic account and use a gckey when creating it.

      God bless.


  • Reply Sid |

    Hi Kulas,

    I have a question, my application for PR was submitted in Aug 3 and I received query on my travel history on Aug 24, I submitted the document on Aug 29.

    From then I have been waiting for the final approval, I have not received it yet. All my friends who submitted during the same time got their approvals.

    What may be possible reason for this and how long does it take to complete all the application for the visa officer.

    Would appreciate your response.


    • Kulas Reply Kulas |

      Hey Sid,

      They promise to give a decision within 6 months and to tell you honestly, it’s a little bit early to worry about you not getting the approval. You still have 2 months and based from experience, it wont be that long. Hold on. Your time will come.


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